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#14 - What makes this goal so breathtaking is that you can’t quite pin what moment of it was most beautiful. Either a) Muller’s pass to Kroos b) Kroos’ return pass c) Muller’s anticipation to run on and collect it or d) the finish itself.  

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#13 - What’s not to like out about this goal? A beautiful, flowing counter attack…capped off with a remarkable, or just audacious, assist by Real Madrid’s Guti. It was Benzema’s goal, but that’s hardly important…

(The Spaniard has actually become my little Youtube ‘Guti Pleasure’ - I’ll get my coat.)

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#11 - For all the criticisms David Beckham has faced throughout his career about his dribbling or (lack of) pace, he must surely go down as the greatest crosser of the ball the game has ever seen. Just watch how this one bends past a defender and LANDS JUST ABOVE THE PENALTY SPOT for Ronaldo to drill home. Beautiful

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#10 - This was magical. First, Thierry Henry somehow weaved his way through a whole host of Villa players before he found Dennis Bergkamp with a lovely weighted pass. Ashley Cole, in the days where he still had his innocence, then made a superb darting run into the box (0:14) which Bergkamp saw - he sees everything - and the Dutchman coolly and nonchalantly flicked on into the penalty area. Cole then finished the move with a beautiful angled-shot taken first time. 

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#9 - At first viewing, this goal is a good one - but nothing more. But when further analysed, Ronaldinho’s assist might even be regarded as one of the finest. At 0:05, he shapes to pass and then he executes a delivery so good that he gets it inch-perfect between the two Milan defenders. Full marks for accuracy and timing. Ludovic Guily still has a lot to do as he rushes into the box to collect the ball, yet he manages to squeeze it past the keeper with a delightful strike. A beautiful goal. 

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#8 - The build up to this goal was just sublime - the interchange between the Valencia players was enough to make even the hard-to-please, seen-it-all-spectators purr. A beautiful goal capped off by Pablo Aimar. 

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